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Bengali Theatre

Bengali Theatre, especially Jatra is an art-form which is exotic and performed all around the world, which is also in vogue. Jatra is an indian art form, that is a popular folk-theatre form of Bengali theatre, the roots of which date back to 1507 AD. Jatra intrinsically a musical theatre form, which makes it different from the TheatreSports course being offered presently. A Jatra is very much connected with the roots of Bhakti movement, i.e. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's movement.
With changing times, the Jatra has developed into a more physical form of theatre art where, movements like short runs, rotating on single foot, urban dancing and short jumps like athleticism is also displayed, and which is intended to be taught.
The language is not a barrier in such an artform as the method and process can be crafted into English, German, Latin, Bengali or any other language one would feel comfortable in.

The dramatic performance is interspersed with dramatic monologues, songs and duet dance routines on the folk tunes, which often serve as scene transitions and sometimes mark the end of an act. Jatras are usually performed on stages that are open on all sides or in open-air arenas. The stage often has minimal or no furniture or props, thus making the performance doable at anyplace and anytime without the need of any fancy equipment.

The musical performance is melodramatic, highly stylized voice delivery and exaggerated gestures and orations.
A music selection from the Classical music would again be a new refreshing learning experience.

Therefore, Bengali Theatre course could be a very valuable addition as it focuses on large details and wholesome movements as also finer details which are taught in a systematic and a step-by-step way.

KursnrOffer No.DetailsDetailTagDayZeitTimeOrtLocationZeitraumDurationLeitungGuidancePreisCostBuchungBooking
59300003.02.-05.04.entgeltfreikeine Buchung
593001Fr20:00-21:00GymRaum Gebäude SP 103.02.-05.04.Bhaskar Sen
6/ 6/ 6/ 12 €
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12 EUR
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