Street Jazz

As it is inspired by 1970s street culture as a form of resistance to perform dance outside of professional studios, Street Jazz is a mixture of informal street style (hiphop, funk) training and professional (Broadway, contemporary, classical jazz) training. When it comes to today's appreciation in forming hybrid dance compositions, street jazz is one of the pioneering examples of it. Its influence on commercial dance seen still holds its dominance among the industry which creates a welcoming atmosphere for the ones who would like to share a dance experience with bigger crowds like events, concerts, competitions etc.

This dance course aims to guide the participants by letting them to familiarize themselves to the style through a little warm up session at the beginning, then exercising different dance combinations per week, and close the session with a cool down. To also welcome international participants, this course going to be held in English.

1164Advanced Beginner-EnglishMo16:00-17:30Halle 317.04.-10.07.Ecem Başak Albayrak
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