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Intro to Improvisational Theater (in English)

We are offering a course for anyone who wants to learn the basics of improv theatre or just wants to do something creative and fun.  Unleash your imagination and spontaneity by rediscovering your playful instincts and overcome the worrying that holds us back from having fun!  Build confidence and connectivity with your scene partners! Create scenes together on the spot from scratch without a script and learn to be any character and be anywhere!  At the heart of the introductory course is the basic principle of improvisational theater: YES! AND ...  Say yes! Listen, agree, understand and play!  Through various exercises and games we'll develop our willingness to be active, open, cooperative, and in the moment. The skills learned here will be used in a montage of scenes at the end where participants will show what they have learned in the course.

1152Mi18:00-20:00Raum 1090 im MZH20.04.-20.07.Ubeyde Cimen, Veronika Olah
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