YOGA 2 (3. - 6. Grade)
verantwortlich: Martin.Ecker

The Yoga club is intended for students with or without experience doing yoga. The goal is for students to learn
the positions (asanas) of classical yoga and complete easy yoga sequences. Each yoga session will focus on
training one or more areas of the body. In addition to the asanas and partner exercises, the club will also teach
breathing techniques that are appropriate for children and introduce meditation and deep relaxation methods.

Language of instruction:The lesson takes place in German with fluent English language support when needed.

Teacher: Jan Obrtel
Maximum Participants per Club: 12
Yoga Club 2: Grades 3-6 | Thursdays 4:30pm - 5:15pm
Duration: one semester

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201Do04:30-05:15Mini Gym25.02.-21.06.Jan Obrtelentgeltfreikeine Buchung